Or ‘The Opera’ as the Society is more commonly known.

Selkirk Opera has been entertaining the folk of Selkirk and the Borders with light opera and musicals for more than 85 years.

The Company meets to rehearse on Tuesday and Wednesday nights in the Selkirk High School Music Department
(the big building in front of the High School) at 7.00pm during the winter months.

We are pleased to announce our 2017 show.

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Dates to be confirmed

Past Productions

We were  founded in 1927.
Since then we have produced 76 shows.
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If you would like to find out how to become a Patron please contact the Patron’s Secretary: Yvonne Mitchell


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The Story:

In New York City in 1922, flapper Millie Dillmount is determined to find work as a stenographer to a wealthy businessman and then marry him – a “thoroughly modern” goal. Millie befriends the sweet yet naive Miss Dorothy Brown as the latter checks into the Priscilla Hotel. When house mother Mrs. Meers learns Miss Dorothy is an orphan, she remarks, “Sad to be all alone in the world.” Unbeknown to Millie, the woman is selling her tenants into white slavery, and those without family or close friends are her primary targets.

At a friendship dance in the hall, Millie meets the devil-may-care paper clip salesman Jimmy Smith to whom she takes an instant liking. However, she carries on with her plan to work for and then marry a rich man, and when she gets a job at Sincere Trust, she sets her sights on the attractive but self-absorbed Trevor Graydon. Jimmy later takes her and Miss Dorothy on an outing to Long Island, where they meet eccentric widow Muzzy Van Hossmere. Jimmy tells the girls that his father was Muzzy’s former gardener. Millie begins to fall for Jimmy, but sees him summon Miss Dorothy from her room for a late night rendezvous, and assumes the worst.

Millie is determined to stick to her plan and marry Trevor. One morning, she goes to work dressed as a flapper and attempts to seduce him, but her effort fails. Eventually, Trevor sees Miss Dorothy and falls in love with her and vice versa, leaving Millie heartbroken.

Meanwhile, Jimmy’s attempts to talk to Millie are continually thwarted by no-nonsense head stenographer Miss Flannary. He eventually climbs up the side of the building and when he finally gets to talk to Millie, she tells him she is quitting her job since Mr. Graydon is no longer available.

Mrs. Meers makes several attempts to kidnap Miss Dorothy and hand her over to her Chinese henchmen Bun Foo and Ching Ho but Millie manages to interrupt her every time. When Mrs. Meers finally succeeds, Millie finds Trevor drowning his sorrows, and he tells her Miss Dorothy stood him up and checked out of the hotel. Jimmy climbs into Miss Dorothy’s room and lets Millie in, and they find all of Miss Dorothy’s possessions still there. Millie realizes Miss Dorothy is just one of several girls who have vanished without a word to anyone, except to Mrs. Meers. Together with Trevor Graydon, they try to piece the puzzle together. When Jimmy asks what all the missing girls had in common, Millie mentions that they all were orphans.

Jimmy disguises himself as a woman named Mary James seeking accommodations at the Priscilla Hotel, and casually mentions she is an orphan in front of Mrs. Meers. Mrs. Meers spots Trevor sitting in his car in front of the hotel, becomes suspicious, and shoots him with a tranquilizer dart. Mary James is subsequently captured by Mrs. Meers and Bun Foo, and Millie follows them to Chinatown, where the unconscious Jimmy has been hidden in a room in a fireworks factory where Miss Dorothy is sleeping. Trying to look casual, Millie has been smoking a cigarette outside the building, and when she begins to choke on it, she tosses it into a window, setting off the fireworks. As a series of explosions tear through the building, Millie dashes into the factory and finds several white girls tied up and about to be sent off to Beijing. She unties a couple of them, who then free the other girls, and then bumps into Miss Dorothy. They carry Jimmy out of the building, and head for Long Island and Muzzy.

Mrs. Meers, Bun Foo, and Ching Ho follow Millie and the gang, but under Muzzy’s leadership everyone manages to subdue the nefarious trio. Millie then discovers Jimmy and Miss Dorothy are millionaire siblings and Muzzy is their stepmother, who sent them out into the world to find partners who would love them for who they were and not for their money. Millie marries Jimmy and Miss Dorothy marries Trevor.

The Principal Cast

Rachel Inglis as Millie Dillmount

Stuart Mitchell as Jimmy Smith

Yvonne Mitchell as Miss Dorothy Brown

Val McLean as Mrs Meers

Robin Murray as Trevor Graydon III

Tracey Mulholland as Muzzy van Hossmere

Andrew Thoms Ching Ho

David Mitchell as Bun Foo

Lorraine Lynn as Miss Peg Flannery


Ticket Information:

Further details of the sale of tickets will appear here


Committee Members


Robin Murray

Vice President

Andrew Thoms


Minutes Secretary 



Patrons Secretary

Yvonne Mitchell


Previous Productions

1927 The Mikado

1928 The Gondoliers

1929 The Pirates

1930 Iolanthe

1931 HMS Pinafore

1932 The Mikado

1933 Miss Hook of Holland

1934 A Country Girl

1935 Merrie England

1936 The Yeoman

1937 Quaker Girl

1938 The Arcadians

1939 The Desert Song

1940-46 No Productions

1947 The Gondoliers

1948 Iolanthe

1949 Goodnight Vienna

1949 Trial by Jury

1950 Rose Marie

1951 Chu Chin Chow

1952 Waltz Time

1953 Veronique

1954 Bitter Sweet

1955 Brigadoon

1956 Miss Hook of Holland

1957 Annie Get Your Gun

1958 Castles in Spain

1959 South Pacific

1960 Free as Air

1961 The King and I

1962 The Student Prince

1963 The Desert Song

1964 Calamity Jane

1965 Flower Drum Song

1966 The Mikado

1967 Rose Marie

1968 Carousel

1969 Iolanthe

1970 Oklahoma!

1971 Paint Your Wagon

1972 Mame

1973 West Side Story

1974 Brigadoon

1975 Toroddle Toroll

1976 Where’s Charley?

1977 My Fair Lady

1978 The Pyjama Game

1979 Fiddler on the Roof

1980 White Horse Inn

1981 South Pacific

1982 Can Can

1983 Love From Judy

1984 Oklahoma

1985 Paint Your Wagon

1986 King’s Rhapsody

1987 Wild Grows The Heather

1988 New Moon

1989 The Dancing Years

1989 Annie

1990 Bless the Bride

1991 The King and I

1992 The Sound of Music

1993 Calamity Jane

1994 South Pacific

1994 Hans Anderson

1995 The Merry Widow

1996 Annie Get your Gun

1996 Oliver!

1997 Count of Luxembourg

1998 Brigadoon

1999 Carousel

2000 The Sound of Music

2001 Hello Dolly

2002 Fiddler on the Roof

2003 My Fair Lady

2004 South Pacific

2005 Oklahoma!

2006 Guys and Dolls

2007 Kiss Me Kate

2008 Singin’ in the Rain

2009 Crazy For You

2010 Calamity Jane

2011 Me And My Girl

2012 Carousel

2013 Oliver

2014 The King and I

2015 Annie

2016 Dr Dolittle